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Driven by human-centered Design and fascinated by technological possibilities.
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UX Designer, Human Rights Activist, Fantasy Writer.

Create solutions, identify and solve problems, achieve progress for people and society. This motivates me and constantly drives me in my work as a designer. I value interdisciplinary work and collective thinking to develop innovative and new concepts and products.

I’m fascinated by technological progress, technical possibilities and modern working tools.

Besides my creative hobbies like clay modeling and novel writing, I am constantly motivated to learn new tools and ways of working to expand my own skillset.

Currently I’m in my 4th semester at the University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule für Gestaltung) Schwäbisch Gmünd and I’m looking for an internship in UX/UI/Interaction Design.

What I stand for

User-centered Design

Designing for people. People like you and me, teammates, family members, friends. I am driven to work for the user and their experience. I always put myself empathetically in their shoes and try to find the best fitting solution.

Working in a team

Teamwork is very important to me. Preferably interdisciplinary, so that different parts of a puzzle result in a coherent overall picture. I appreciate the perspective and way of working of my teammates and find that this is the best way to grow and learn from each other.

Structured and organized way of working

Control the chaos or it will control you. I always try to work in a structured, organized and well-planned way. In addition to an agile way of working, I appreciate when it is well structured. Time (both mine and the customers‘ and users‘) is a precious factor that should be appreciated by that too.

Solution and future oriented approach

My work is strongly influenced by future-oriented technology. I appreciate the world full of possibilities and the potentials behind them. However, I also try to look for solutions that answer questions of the now and to the most urgent problems of our society. The balance between looking into the future and focusing on the here and now is important to me.

What I’m working with